Cameron Bell was guiding safaris in Africa and he couldn't find a high-quality waterproof dry bag to use in the bush. His gear and his old love letters were all getting ruined.

When he returned back home, he set out straight for the laboratory to create the perfect waterproof dry bag and…KORONGO was born.

A watering hole where animals gather, is what Korongo means in Swalhili. More than just a cool word, a korongo was crucial for survival during the dry season when water was scarce.

The focus at KORONGO is making the most heavy-duty waterproof drybag on the market, today. It’s also proudly making it, right here in the USA.

Adventures don’t just take place in the wilds of Africa. The Korongo Fully Submersible Waterproof Dry Bag also makes for the perfect sidekick when you’re fly fishing, floating the river, kayaking, or catching rays at the pool.

No matter where you are… Protect What’s Important.